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Q. How do you store Pistachio Nuts?

A. To get the best life and freshness from a Pistachio Nut, we recommend that you keep your Pistachio Nuts in an airtight container; Murrungundy Pistachios resealable packaging has been designed to capture the special taste of our Pistachio Nuts.

Q. What weather conditions do Pistachio Nuts need to grow?

A. To grow and bear fruit Pistachio Nuts require very hot summers, more than 600 hours over 30oC, very cold winters 1000 hours less than 7 degree celsius and soil that drains well.

Q. How does the Pistachio Nut get its green colour?

A. The green pigment in a Pistachio Nut is the result of chlorophyll, the same pigment that makes the leaves green.

Q. Do Pistachio Nuts really help reduce the risk of heart disease?

A. It is said that eating nuts, such as Pistachio Nuts, may help reduce the risk of heart disease when eaten as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Q. What time of year are Pistachio Nuts harvested?

A. In Australian Pistachio Nuts are harvested Mid February to late March.

Q. Why did you go into growing Pistachio Nuts?

A. When cattle prices were low in the late 70’s Richard started thinking about diversifying and started his research on Pistachio Nuts. Murrungundy Pistachios has now become a reality and not a dream so the future of our 5th generation farm is secure.

Q. How many Pistachio Trees are grown on Murrungundy?

A. We have around 4000 Pistachio Trees.

Q. Where do you mainly sell your Pistachio Nuts?

A. We sell about 2/3rds of our crop through the Flemington Fresh markets in Sydney. The rest of the crop is sold through Fine Food/Gourmet Delicatessens, Dubbo Farmers Markets, mail order and through our web site.