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Hints and Tips

An exotic, yet mild-flavoured nut which is slightly sweet in taste, the Pistachio Nut is equally good in savoury or sweet dishes. It is not only the flavour which makes the Pistachio Nut so interesting but also the pale green colour which can be seen at its best studded in terrines or sausages, in stuffing or scattered as a garnish on rice.

When cooking meats with Pistachio Nuts, go lightly on the seasoning and additives, and you will be overjoyed with the new sensation this simple nut affords your palate.

The Pistachio Nut, in poultry gives a pleasing mild sweet nut flavour, whilst the nut also absorbs readily the flavour of the poultry. In the actual cooking or as a garnish, these two go hand in hand.

At harvest time you should find in the market place a quantity of fresh Pistachio Nuts, a most delightful experience. Under refrigeration they keep in an almost state, which fits in well with the general salad texture.

When using the Pistachio Nut in sweets, remove the skin after blanching a few seconds in hot water, it gives the Pistachio Nut a deep sweetness, but when using it in ice cream, with the skin left on you are left with a pleasant dry texture.